Koushuhai - Sake Cup 210ml, Pink

Product Description

Ideal for Anything Which You Want to Enjoy the Fragrance of!

One of a kind finish, shade of color, gentil pink.Ideal for Japanese Sakes (Shochu, Nihon-shu),also green tea, coffee, black tea, and herbal tea; anything which you want to enjoy the fragrance of!

Four features of the cup

1. The inner curve of the cup helps both to release aroma and to collect it.

2. The design allows some space left in the cup to enhance the aroma of your drink while holding, e.g. ice rocks and 100ml Shochu liquor.

3. Due to the low center of gravity, this three legs cup is stable.

4. The three legs act as a coaster which will not stick to the cup, fall off and make a big sound and embarrass you.

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Product code hju0113
Size D 7.0cm x H 8.0cm
Capacity 210ml (full)
Material Porcelain (claystone)
Origin Arita, Japan
Maker Zuihou
- Oven safe
- Microwave safe
- Freezer safe
- Dishwasher safe
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