Soba Choko Cup 220ml, Matsubara

Product Description

Beautiful blue and white Ko-Imari (Old Imari) style

Pine Grove is a motif of Matsubara design which has often been made in Edo period (17th-19th) in Japan. Matsu means pine and has been used as an auspicious motif for its evergreen quality.

There are varied Matsu patterns, and you can see them with other motifs. This Matsubara Soba Choko cup has only Matsu patterns on its surface, which is unique and rare design.
You can also see how Matsu motif is well-balanced with the white background.

All hand painted by Japanese master artisans.

Product code rso1374
Size D 8.4cm x H6.3cm
Capacity 220ml
Material Porcelain (claystone)
Origin Arita, Japan
Maker Riso Porcelain
- Oven safe
- Microwave safe
- Freezer safe
- Dishwasher safe
*Read more >> Care Guide
¥4,000 ¥5,000

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