Mamezara Small Plate 7.5cm, Rings

Product Description

Mamezara, Functional and Collectable

Matte finish with joined rings on the surface, which also goes well with a rustic style table setting. It is the perfect for condiments, pickles, olives, sauces, dips, small sweets, sugar cubes, Shoyu—Soy Sauce, and even accessories.

What's Mamezara?

In Japanese, mame originally means beans, and signify tiny/small, then Zara (sara) means dish in general. The small Mamezara plates – varied with its shapes, patterns, decorations have been admired in Japan, and due to the vast array of design and the moderate price, those plates are especially popular with collectors, who enjoy finding their favorites.

Product code tmo1630
Size W 7.5cm x L 7.5cm x H 1.5cm
Material Porcelain (claystone)
Origin Imari, Japan
Maker Tamori

- Oven safe
- Microwave safe
- Freezer safe
- Dishwasher safe
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