[Online] Japanese restaurant "Yasuna" in Arita

Can you imagine what's going to happen to this sphere? 


Chopsticks, green tea, soy sauce...

Yes, this was a part of our wonderful lunch at a restaurant "Yasuna" in Arita. This restaurant always happily surprise us with their delicious Japanese cuisine and beautiful presentation with Arita porcelain products.

Took its lid...
(Should have waited for more minutes until Sashimi and appetizer would be served... But we actually couldn't...) 


Voila, Sashimi now!


The middle one is the second of the sphere, and upper right one is last stage. 
A gourmet french friend and I love this lunch, which attracts us with its sensitive taste and beautiful spring colors combination! 


At Tozan shirine, to finish our day up nicely in Arita

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