Qusavi x Kumano Collaborated Cosmetic Brush

Fude for Beauty and Grooming

A fude (pronounced ‘foo-de’) is a traditional Japanese brush. Our Cosmetic Fudes were the first items to be produced under the Qusavi brand, combining the elegance of Imari-Nabeshima porcelain and Arita-ware with the finest quality fude, produced in the famous brush-making town of Kumano, Hiroshima. There are two brushes in this range: a make-up brush and a shaving brush.

Qusavi–The Innovative Development of Tradition–: The Marriage of Traditional Skills and Contemporary Design

In Japan, we are very proud of the many highly skilled, traditional crafts that have been handed down from generation to generation and that are a significant part of our heritage. All too often it seems that we take for granted these beautifully crafted objects that are part of our daily lives. We want to remind people of the skill and passion that goes into making these beautiful items and to give people a renewed appreciation of our culture.In a world saturated with mass-produced goods, our mission is to create the highest quality items for those who appreciate elegance and beauty. 

QUSAVI Shaving Brush (Takasho, Arita x Chikuhodo, Kumano)

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Qusavi, Shaving Brush, Sometsuke Gyaku Karakusa - jpap.club - 1

Qusavi - Shaving Brush, Sometsuke Gyaku Karakusa


A high level of skill and experience is required for this design At first glance, this motif looks like Tako Karakusa, but although it is similar, there is an important difference: Gyaku means reverse in Japanese. The Tako Karakusa motif features thin outlines filled with cobalt blue, whereas the Gyaku Karakusa motif is the opposite—the color f...

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Qusavi, Shaving Brush, Sometsuke Hana Karakusa - jpap.club - 1

Qusavi - Shaving Brush, Sometsuke Hana Karakusa


The beauty of each line The Karakusa motif is combined with Hana (Japanese for flower) on this piece with a regular pattern of petals and fluttering leaves. This pattern was common in the 18th century, initially being painted on the rims of dishes and the shoulders of vases, and then later used to whole pieces. ABOUT THE HANDLEHarnessing the sp...

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Qusavi - Shaving Brush, Usururi Sousagi

Cosmetic Brush

Qusavi, Shaving Brush, Usururi Sousagi - jpap.club - 1

Qusavi - Shaving Brush, Usururi Sousagi


Made with the requisite skill This design re-creates a highly specialized technique, Usururi, which was used for the greatest piece of Nabeshima, Sometsuke Shirasagi-zu Sankyaku Zara (designated an important cultural property). The technique, which involves a precise and even application of underglaze paint, was at its peak between the 1690s an...

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Qusavi, Shaving Brush, Sometsuke Madori Karakusa - jpap.club - 1

Qusavi - Shaving Brush, Sometsuke Madori Karakusa


Well-balanced design The Karakusa motif, which features in this design, was often used for Old Imari ware in the Japanese Edo period. It was originally a Chinese motif of grass, is an auspicious motif which represents unlimited development.Madori means layout, and here you can see how the Karakusa motif is well-balanced with the white backgroun...

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