JP: 色鍋島/いろなべしま

                                   Product: Hataman-touen Kiln

Items, mainly painted in four colors (blue, red, green and yellow), which were produced in the official kiln owned by the Nabeshima clan in the Edo period. The pieces are recognized as being the most refined ceramics of the Edo period.

Nabeshima style can be roughly divided into 3 types: Nabeshima Sometsuke (Blue-and white), Iro-Nabeshima (Sometsuke + color overpainted) and Nabeshima Seiji (celadon). Iro-Nabeshima style was the most highly regarded and famous among these types, which is why today, the term 'Nabeshima' is generally understood to mean Iro-Nabeshima style products.

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