Studio1156 (former jpap club – Japanese Porcelain and Pottery Club”) is operated by Qusavi Inc

Our tableware is made in and around Arita, Saga Prefecture, Japan, where Japans first porcelain was fired in 1616. We curate daily use, good quality, and unique Japanese tableware and you can see the beauty of form, design, and techniques, which developed through its 400 years long history.

Close connections with kilns in and around Arita town also enable us to offer you various attractive products to meet your needs. We believe our carefully curated products will enhance your lifestyle and appreciation of the Japanese esprit.


About Our Name, Qusavi

Our name, Qusavi is based on the Japanese word, Kusabi, which, among other meanings, is something that keeps two elements strongly bound together. Our wish is to act as a Kusabi ourselves by bringing together traditional Japanese crafts and contemporary culture. We want to share the beauty of these items with people all over the world, and to give recognition to the highly skilled people who make them. Our name also literally represents our core values of Quality, Satisfaction, and Virtue. In Japanese, Kusabi and Qusavi have the same pronunciation, so this enabled us to neatly communicate all of these meanings in one word.

Our first phase as Qusavi project was for the marriage of traditional Japanese crafts and contemporary culture. And now we are on a second stage to take a role as a Kusabi to expand Japanese high-quality porcelain products to the world under the name of Qusavi Inc.


Studio1156 – Shop and Gallery in Fukuoka 

Opened in Fukuoka (Kyushu) in January 2018, Studio1156 is built to showcase authentic, beautiful and daily-use Japanese tableware from Arita, Imari, Hasami and fine gifts. These pieces are showcased through various events featuring bespoke makers, seasonal products, ceramic fair and unique collections. 

We believe our carefully curated products will enhance your lifestyle and appreciation of the Japanese esprit.




Our new shop locates in a lovely local area, Haruyoshi and just a 10min walk from the centre of Tenjin. Drop by our new ‘Studio1156’ when you visit Fukuoka, there are also a famous ramen shop and nice cafes/restaurants around where you can enjoy Fukuoka's local atmosphere!

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Studio1156 - Shop and Gallery | Qusavi Inc. 

1-15-6 Haruyoshi, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka 810-0003, Japan