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Japanese Sake Cups | JPAP - Japanese tableware and fine gifts 
Sake can be served in a wide variety of sake cups. You can, of course, enjoy your favorite sake with your favorite sake cup for its size, design, color, shape, and material. But in the form of wine glass means a lot to enjoy the aroma and taste, the different type of sake cups give you different sake experience! Here are the porcelain cups from our sakeware collection: 

Ochoko Japanese Sake Cup | JPAP - Japanese tableware and fine gifts
Bowl-shaped small cup. Sake fragrance goes upward. You might have seen this type of cup with Tokkuri Sake bottle (server) in Japanese restaurants in your country. 

Ochoko Sake Cup 60ml, Senbori Black


Guinomi Japanese Sake Cup | JPAP - Japanese tableware and fine gifts
Generally bigger than Ochoko sake cup. Ochoko and Guinomi are well used for serving both cold and warm sake.

Guinomi Sake Cup Set 16p, 90ml 

Sakazuki Japanese Sake Cup | JPAP - Japanese tableware and fine gifts 
Mouth opened shape; sake spread out in the mouth. To enjoy aroma and taste. Sakazuki is to be the ceremonial favorite compared to ochoko/guinomi.

Sakazuki Sake Cup 30ml, Pearl Luster


Straight Sake Cup | JPAP - Japanese tableware and fine gifts
Because of the mouth high and narrow shape, the sake reaches straight to the back of the mouth smoothly, which is to enjoy refreshing aftertaste.

Sake Cup 120ml, Red


Also, unique sake cups have been developed exclusively to enjoy the fragrance of Sake (Shochu, Nihon-shu) in Japan. The Koushuhai Sake cup is one of them, with the cooperation of Arita's Shochu breweries and Arita porcelain makers.

Koushuhai Sake Cup | JPAP - Japanese tableware and fine gifts

The inner curve of the cup helps both to release aroma and to collect it. The design allows some space left in the cup to enhance the aroma of your drink while holding. The three legs act as a coaster which will not stick to the cup, fall off and make a big sound and embarrass you.

Koushuhai - Sake Cup 210ml, Nashi


Soba Choko Cup is versatile, serving Sake in the type of cup is a friendly casual way. They are used in both restaurants and home.

Sake Cup – Soba Choko Cup, japanese sakecup

Soba Choko cups were used in the Edo period to hold a dipping sauce to accompany soba buckwheat noodles, hence the name. Nowadays, however, the Japanese commonly use these cups for a variety of things, e.g. cups for soba buckwheat noodles, coffee, green tea, sake, yogurt, fruit etc.
Soba Choko cups are designed well to fit in your hand, easy to stack. In Japan, Soba Choko cups of Arita are often used in restaurants for its variation and durability. Due to the vast array of patterns and sizes available, the cups are especially popular with collectors, who enjoy finding their favorites.

Soba Choko Cup 220ml, Usagi Rabbit and Waves


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