[Online] For Sake, cold or warm?


You've probably heard "good sake should be enjoyed cold, and less-good one should be heated."

Yes, it can be useful way to enjoy aromatic and delicate premium sake like ginjo slightly chilled. But there are also ginjo that can be warmed with delicious results.

What makes a ginjo or any other sake suited to warming is all dependent on the flavor profile. The best way to know is trial and error. 

First enjoy your favorite sake at room temperature. Then try it warm too. You will discover the sake give you different taste at each temperature range. 


Winter is an ideal season to enjoy warm sake to make you warm. The easy way to make is putting tokkuri bottle in a hot water to warm sake inside. Then heat it for a few minutes until it reached the desired temperature. (yes! trial and error!)  (We don't recommend to do it in boiling water. )

Then you can discover and enjoy your favorite combination of your sakes and each temperature! 


Tokkuri flask has a narrow top to keep the sake warm for longer. To enjoy more your warm sake...? 


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