[Online] MOTIF - Usagi Rabbit

Rabbit is called "Usagi" in Japanese.

Usagi motif has been admired as an auspicious one of fertility.

It is also said "Rabbit in the moon" in Japan, as "Crab in the moon", "Man in the moon""Reading lady in the moon" etc in other country of the world...




Rabbit "Usagi in Japanese" motif has been admired as an auspicious motif of fertility. Of course for porcelains too!  

Mamezara—small plates for condiments, pickles, olives, sauces, dips, small sweets, sugar cubes, Shoyu—Soy Sauce, and even accessories. Ideal gift for Christmas and of course Easter! 


Other products with usagi rabbits coming soon on our website!  Don't miss them!