[Online] Create Your Own Mix and Match Style!

The presentation is important for Japanese cuisine; we carefully choose tablewares to create harmony between meals and dishes we serve on, and the season is also an important element. The beautiful table setting is made by matching varied tablewares different in colors, sizes, and shapes.

Based on this concept, we enjoy this mix and match table setting on a daily-basis, and this is the easiest way you can try with our new products: blue and white plates! 



Blue traditional pattern on a Sobachoko cup.
Blue modernized traditional patterns on a plate.

Just one same color is good enough to lead you to enjoy your mix and match style! 

Or, opposite colors combination is also lovely!



Small plates are perfect for condiments, pickles, olives, sauces, dips, small sweets, sugar cubes, Shoyu—Soy Sauce, and even accessories.  But as you can see here, they work well as a coaster with your favorite cup! 


+ New plates 10.5cm(photo shown) and 14.5cm

+ Big Sobachoko multi-use cups

*small cups will be available soon!