Matcha is now popular in the world due to its health benefits and taste. Not only enjoy it at cafe, you can enjoy it at home too!

We're happy to share with you "how we make matcha tea at home".
The products we use are:
1. Matcha Bowl 
2. Matcha powder
3. Chasen: Bamboo scoop
4. Chashaku: Matcha tea whisk
5. Hot water (60-70ml/70-80°C

We add captions on the video, or you can read them with a youtube subtitle.

You can use a big cup, teaspoon, milk frother instead, but we think a whisking action can bring you a tranquil and concentration moment, using a matcha bowl gives you a Japanese wabi-sabi spice on your table!

Get nice foam and taste, hot water temperature, the amount of matcha powder, it sounds complicated but not really!

If you keep doing it, you'll get better eventually and can find your preference!


If you want to know more about a whisking way, let's check this video! 



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