[Online]《NEW IN!》To Enjoy Japanese Food More in Japanese Eating Style
Japanese rice bowl, eating style


Rice bowl and Miso soup bowl. You have probably been enjoying a Japanese eating style with them, or had some experience to use at a Japanese restaurant in your local.

Rice bowls are used for serving boiled rice and put on your left side (right side for soup bowl as Miso Soup). And we hold a rice bowl in the hand while eating as you might know. Therefore, it is designed to be fit comfortably in hand, and the difference of bowl's size is for this reason.

Our rice bowl collection is for you who appreciate Japanese cuisine and enjoy the Japanese style of eating.

If you prefer a simple and modern design, they are for you:

Rice Bowl 12cm, BlackRice Bowl 12cm, Celadon
Rice Bowl 11.5cm, Kurawanka CapsuleRice Bowl 11.5cm, Kurawanka COIN-DOT

The small size bowls are also good for serving sauce.


If you prefer a classic design, you might like:

If you prefer pottery-ish bowls, they are good for you:
Rice Bowl 12cm, Karakusa BlueRice Bowl 11.5cm, Maru

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Lacquer Soup Bowl 12.5cm, Kikkou RedLacquer Soup Bowl 11.5cm, Hakeme Black

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