JP: 九州陶磁文化館/きゅうしゅうとうじぶんかかん

A museum, displaying ceramics mainly from the Hizen area (around Arita town), and Kyushu. You can see various ceramics from old to contemporary design, and also learn about the history of pottery and porcelain production.

Mr. and Mrs. Shibata Collection has an impressive collection of Old Imari wares. About 1,000 pieces, among 10,311 pieces donated by the Shibatas to this museum, are displayed at any time, following the history of Arita ware in Edo period. This collection is changed every December.

Also, Kanbara collection has an gorgeous collection of Old Imari wares which were designed for both ornamentation and daily-use in European royal palaces.

Hours: 9:00 – 17:00 / Closed: Mondays, 29th - 31st December / Admission: Free / Address: 3100-1, Tosaku Otsu, Arita cho, Nishimatsuura-gun. Saga

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