[Online]《NEW IN!》Arita's Traditional Design Plates

Arita's traditional design plates are now in our collection.

Asymmetric, many auspicious motifs as Tsuru crane, Shochikubai (Pine bamboo plum), Seigaiha waves, Sansui peaceful landscape, they are all used for Old-Imari (Antique Arita ware made in the Edo period/ the 17th-19th centuries).

They are around 16cm, ideal for serving dessert/bread. As a home decoration? Yes! Why not?

Plate 15.5cm, Botan-chou  | JPAP - Japanese Tableware and Fine Gifts 

Plate 15.5cm, Botan-chou


Plate 15.5cm, Tsuru crane  | JPAP - Japanese Tableware and Fine Gifts

Plate 15.5cm, Tsuru crane


Plate 16cm, Madori-sansui  | JPAP - Japanese Tableware and Fine Gifts

Plate 16cm, Madori-sansui