[Online]《NEW IN!》Straw Pot Trivets

We are happy to let you know that our trivet is now expanded with new three sizes straw trivets! 

Straw Pot Trivets

Beautiful and functional handwoven straw trivets. They are made in Niigata, Japan. Ideal for putting hot pots, pans, and kettle on. The trivet has a small loop so it can be hung when not in use. Made of natural straw, durable and won’t burn under hot pots.


Straw Pot Trivet 23cmStraw Pot Trivet 23cm with a pot

The large one is D24cm (Internal Diameter 12cm ) x H 3.5cm,

Straw Pot Trivet 24cm (myo0455)



The medium size is: D18cm (Internal Diameter 10cm ) x H 2.5cm

Straw Pot Trivet 18cm (myo0456)



For your favorite coffee maker, teapot! 

The small one is D15cm (Internal Diameter 8cm ) x H 2.5cm

Straw Pot Trivet 15cm (myo0457)



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