Ramen Udon Oyakodon

Ramen, Udon, Donburi—they are popular, and ramen/udon/donburi shops have been opened in the world.

Fukuoka, our office located, is a famous ramen city where you can easily find ramen shops here and there.

We love them, we eat a lot at those shops but also cook at home too!
They are not difficult to make; you can find many recipes on websites.  

So, here are our new bowls to enjoy ramen/udon/donburi at home. They are made by Hakusan Porcelain. Hakusan porcelain started its porcelain production in 1779 in Hasami, Nagasaki JAPAN. Substantially led by in-house designers as Masahiro Mori, Yasuki Sakamoto, and Kazuhiro Tominaga, whose works were often awarded prizes. Their porcelain tablewares are functional, user-friendly, good quality, timeless and go with nicely other products in our lifestyle.

You can enjoy all of these foods with the bowls. They also work for salads, fruits. *Dishwasher, oven, and microwave safe.



Hakusan Porcelain - Bowl 15.5cm, Black | JPAP - Japanese pottery and porcelain Hakusan Porcelain - Bowl 15.5cm, Blue Celadon | JPAP - Japanese porcelain and potteryHakusan Porcelain - Bowl 15.5cm, White | JPAP - Japanese porcelain and potteryBowl 15.5cm | JPAP - Japanese porcelain and pottery


Bigger size? Yes, we have! 


  • Capacity: 1200ml
  • Color: White

Hakusan Porcelain - SUMINOWA Bowl 18cm | JPAP - Japanese porcelain and potteryHakusan Porcelain - SUMINOWA Bowl 18cm Size | JPAP - Japanese porcelain and pottery


The lovely bird chopsticks are also available.

HAKUSAN PORCELAIN - Chopstick Rest, Bird | JPAP Blog

Hakusan Porcelain - Chopstick Rest, Bird


Check out our  HAKUSAN PORCELAIN from Hasami Nagasaki collection!